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Short distribution channels

Short distribution channel means that there is zero or only one intermediary between the producer and the consumer. Such direct market chains have many economic, environmental and social benefits. Thanks to the direct link between the producer and the consumer, all the money a consumer spends for the product goes to the producer. When the link between producer and consumer is not direct, each intermediary earns a percentage of the price of the product. As a consequence, the producer earns […]

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The Azores’ and Istria’s Green Tourism

Azores (Portugal) and Istria Region (Slovenia) are totally different environments, but have a lot in common in the field of rural and landscape area and tourism development. For those who don’t know, Azores are a Portuguese archipelago located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, about two hours by plane from the Portuguese coast, recently winners of green and sustainable tourism awards all over the world.       What do Azores and Istria Region have in common? Isolation Passive […]

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Garden project

In park Istra we have a permaculture garden rich with herbs, fruits and vegetables. This garden has been created two years ago by Manja, who knows a lot about permaculture, and the other members of the association Park Istra. Every volunteer who is interested about the garden is invited to take care for it and, if they wish, to improve it. However, for someone who doesn’t know a lot about gardening and permaculture, it is not easy to know what […]

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