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Through the Eyes of the Refugees

To raise awareness about the refugee crisis, Trajnostni Park Istra invited EVS Volunteer Gemma Gelabert Gonzalo to set up her exhibition ‘Skozi oči beguncev‘ in Koper. Središče Rotunda Koper was also willing to collaborate, hosting the exhibition until the 15th of January in their main hall where numerous events will take place over the next months, so many people will be able to experience the exhibition.    Gemma Gelabert Gonzalo is an EVS Volunteer in Mladinski Center Velenje for a period of […]

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Permaculture in Park Istra

Permaculture (‘permanent agriculture’) is a sustainability approach which is based on the functioning of natural ecosystems. First we have to observe the ecosystem in which we wish to act: particularly the climate, the soil, the diversity and the links between the components of the ecosystem. Then we plan our actions in a way that transforms the area as minimally as possible, trying not to stop the natural flows but instead encourage the successful interactions offered by nature. Picture: Permaculture garden […]

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