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Frogs and other things

In the past weeks we have been quite busy in Park Istra, since we’ve been helping several different projects at the same time. Our volunteers have been making a stone path and wooden signs in Debeli Rtič, organizing French workshops and reading fairy tales for the kids in Red Cross resort, socialising with people with disabilities and building a fence in Sonček organization… and picking frogs! Since we have with us a group of great French volunteers at the moment, […]

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Art for the community

As you probably now, Park Istra Volunteers Center is based in Debeli Rtič (Red Cross Rehabilitation Resort) during this winter. We are glad to say we have the opportunity here to help not only the locals but also the red Cross organization and the workers that daily work here. We are also very free to give ideas and start projects that would improve or help them somehow. Inside of the area of the Red Cross Resort, there is a building […]

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Sustainability in food distribution (the example of ADDA association)

Introduction ADDA is a French association in Nantes, a city of 300.000 inhabitants. ADDA means ‘Aujourd’hui restaurons demain’, which could be translated by ‘Today, we have to feed tomorrow’. I know the ADDA association because I was involved in it. I cannot say that I was involved a lot, mainly I was buying my food there, talking with people and helping from time to time. However I had time to discover how they work and to know some of the […]

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