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My year in Park Istra

One year ago I’ve made a crazy decision to move to another country. Since I am Portuguese, the country I choose to spend a year in, was of course Slovenia. When applying, I already knew a little bit of the country and I had a feeling I would feel at home somehow and the truth is that with time, I actually did. Park Istra welcomed me as a long-term volunteer and just as me, we all grew up together with […]

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Park Istra is the winner of National Energy Globe Award Slovenia 2017!

Park Istra won one of the most prestigious environmental awards, National Energy Globe Award Slovenia 2017. Congratulations to all the volunteers and our supporters. Without you this project wouldn’t be happening!      The jury that chooses best national environmental projects decided to give the award to the volunteers of Park Istra. Here is their explanation. Bravo volunteers! Park Istra was established in 2013. The goal of the project is to help local communities in deprivileged border areas of Istria. […]

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Opportunities for development of tourism in border areas of Istria

Being an EVS Volunteer in Park Istra has been an adventure. During this year I had the challenge and the duty to develop a personal project that would positively impact the local community. When looking for how I could help the local community, I started doing interviews with the locals to understand their needs and the positive and the negative aspects of the inland Istrian region. Since the area has a lot of potential and it is very close to […]

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