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European Voluntary Service: a year of learning in Park Istra

Learning how to swim in the big bath. Photo: Žiga Šušteršič I’m leaving EVS in three days: I have to pack my luggage. But where will I store all what I have learned this year? For last eleven years, my life was changing so much every year that I have been aware of my inner transformations and I know how much I have changed from year to year. However, this year was so different of all what I experienced before […]

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What have I learnt with my EVS projects

During EVS, besides of the every day jobs, we have to develop a ‘personal’ project on the long-term. ‘Personal’, here, means that this is your own project and not the project of the association who host you, even if they are here for helping you when it is needed. It doesn’t mean that you do it for yourself: the goal is to contribute to the society which welcomes you. I developed two long-term projects. One was about farming and food […]

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My experience in Sonček

This morning was my last morning in Sonček. I was not expecting to be so sensitive at the moment I would have to tell them goodbye. Friday after Friday, relationships were building gradually and subtly. I was coming every Friday from November to March at this workshop in Koper, where people with motor and mental disabilities can meet and work, create some handcraft and earn a little income thanks to it. Workshops are part of Sonček organization, which helps people […]

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