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European solidarity corps in Park Istra (part two)

Hi everybody! We are 5 Belgian guys who volunteered in Park Istra for two weeks through European Solidarity Corps program. Through this small text, we’re trying to explain our beautiful volunteer experience. Park Istra is a volunteer project created by two amazing people, Petra and Janez. We were part of it for 2 weeks as youth volunteers, thanks to the SVI, that organized everything, and the European Commission, that financed it. We were known as “The Belgian Team”. During this […]

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European solidarity corps in Park Istra (part one)

For a very long time, the proverb “travel broadens the mind” guided a great number of volunteers throughout the world. But at the end of the day what does that mean, to what extent did experience in Park Istra, located in socially degraded border area of Slovenia, taught us something?   The first lesson we had to take in Park Istra was life in a community of very different people, from three years old Maja to other people like Damijan, […]

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