Sustainability park Istra


The vision of Park Istra is sustainability in practice.

The mission of Park Istra is to support sustainable development in Istria and promote values of volunteering and active citizenship.

Two main objectives we set for Park Istra are:

  • To help the local population in Istria region.
  • To empower and educate volunteers that visit Park Istra.

Other objectives of Park Istra are:

  • To provide a space where each of us can contribute towards a better world.
  • To offer our volunteers and visitors an experience of sustainable living.
  • To strive that our volunteering activities can continue even without national and EU grants, as this assures their autonomy and sustainability.
  • To create a model of sustainable development that can be replicated in other Slovenian and foreign regions.


We have an exciting year in front of us, more and more filled with the activities this project was established for:

  • we will actively search for and support organisations and individuals that are active in the field of sustainable development, charity or simply need our help;
  • we will focus even more on organizing various educational activities;
  • we will create even warmer bonds with local community and do our best to help its transition from social degradation to sustainable development;
  • we will strive to replicate our model of volunteer-supported regional development in other regions.