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Fall is here

In recent weeks we created  many sparks of cooperation, creativity, friendship and harmony among the locals and volunteers from around the world. All-day help with picking grapes, corn or olives, continues in the evening at the fireplace of friendly locals, who are glad to reveal us the secrets of local cuisine. Dishes, produced with the joy and music and seasoned with laughter, have particularly good taste. We can say that they are simply luxurious. Different cultures and traditions that volunteers and locals bring with […]

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September is here

September is bringing changes. Wet summer is saying goodbye. We got a new large tent and moved the kitchen there. Now we’re safe from the ongoing rains. Some volunteers, who spent most of the summer with us, returned home. Each time a volunteer leaves there are mixed feelings: joy for all the great days we had together, gratefulness because we could learn so much from each other and also sadness because we’re not sure will we meet again. The work […]

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We are happy and proud to be able to host so many amazing people in Hrvoji. Guys, you make it a privilege to be a part of this project! Here are some of your impressions: Dear Sustainability Park Istra, thank you for everything!! I was only here a few days – not nearly enough – but I loved every minute of it. While many communities have a strong vision or productive group of participants, you have achieved a rare feat […]

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