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Our Slovenian Road Trip

After almost two weeks of working in the lovely Sustainability Park Istra I was lucky enough that my stay coincided with a Slovenian road trip. The first plan had to be cancelled due to bad weather, but my hand went up like a shot at the prospect of an adrenaline fuelled Canyoning trip and the chance to see the reputedly beautiful Soca valley. Day 1 I bid farewell to my newly adopted volunteer family and 10 of us squished into […]

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Doing good

As our renovation work is slowly coming to an end, we now focus more and more attention to our primary goal – helping the local community. In past weeks we participated in several actions that support local sustainable activities such are eco farming, sustainable tourism or preservation of local natural and cultural heritage. It is really fulfilling to focus our strength on what we came here to do. Last week we continued with clean-up action in vicinity of Hrvoji that we started […]

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Summer heat

Last month in Sustainability Park Istra was really hot with temperatures reaching above 30 degrees every day, but we are lucky to have nearby natural pool and the sea, where we can cool down a little. Park Istra is absolutely packed with volunteers this summer. We get up to 10 new volunteer requests every day. Having a lot of people here means, that there is something interesting happening every day. Here are some photos from the last month.   Celebrating Canada Day with colors, maple […]

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