We want to help children with fewer opportunities. This year, we are planning a variety of volunteer activities to achieve this goal.

Our volunteers are creating beautiful handicraft products. By exchanging these products for donations, we will receive funds that we will donate entirely for schooling and feeding children with fewer opportunities in one of the developing countries. With every euro we can do much more in these countries than in Slovenia. In the past few months, we have established a partnership with the Philippine organization Lola Sayong, which will ensure that our donations will be fully used for those who really need them. In the Philippines, every third child is still malnourished (source: Save the Children Fundation). With the new program, we will help those who need our help the most, and at the same time give our volunteers opportunity to learn a wide variety of new skills.

You can help kids in need now! Click on this link, donate and receive a gift made by Park Istra volunteers.