September is here

September is bringing changes. Wet summer is saying goodbye. We got a new large tent and moved the kitchen there. Now we’re safe from the ongoing rains. Some volunteers, who spent most of the summer with us, returned home. Each time a volunteer leaves there are mixed feelings: joy for all the great days we had together, gratefulness because we could learn so much from each other and also sadness because we’re not sure will we meet again.

The work on the house goes on. The floor in the down floor is ready to be covered with clay tiles, which we saved from the old roof. The roof is already covered with new roof-tiles. Dream-team of amazing girls and boys covered it while singing and laughing in only a couple of days. Congratulations!

Master roofer, who is overseeing the job, just visited us today and said we did a great job. There are experts who wouldn’t do it as precisely as we did it, he said. Great to hear!

The floor in the first floor is half finished. The combination of light wood and gray Istrian stone is wonderful, fresh, soft and bright. The ruins are turning into a cozy home. We tested the new floor right away by watching a movie lying down on it. The first movie in the house this summer.

Other evenings we mostly stayed by the fire. Sometimes we’re talkative and laughing, sometimes we’re silent. Quite often someone grabs a guitar and we sing together. We honestly don’t miss TV.

Besides work we find time for relaxation every day. We regularly visit nearby waterfalls, forest paths and nearby climbing areas. We pick blackberries and figs. We’re having a great time.

Written by Manja Vrenko