Park Istra has been operating since 2014. To date, it has hosted more than 800 volunteers from 51 countries, who donated more than 55,500 hours of volunteer work in nearly 1500 volunteering actions.

In 2019 Park Istra opened its volunteer center, which is the only such center in Slovenia and beyond. It can host twenty volunteers at all times and responds daily to the needs and challenges of the local environment.

Throughout the years, the scope of our work has expanded widely. In the last five years, the number of volunteers increased by 2.4 times (2014 – 96 volunteers, 2018 – 234 volunteers) and the number of volunteering actions increased by 3 times (2014 – 149 actions, 2018 – 454 actions). The areas covered today by Park Istra are very diverse and range from the protection of cultural and natural heritage, educational activities, assistance to the socially deprivileged to support of sustainable projects and activities of local communities throughout Slovenian Istria.

In 2017 Park Istra received the prestigious environmental award Energy Globe Award Slovenia and the status of an organization that works in the public interest.

In 2017, the founder of Park Istra, Petra Matos, was nominated for the national award of Slovenian woman of the year.

To this day, Park Istra is exclusively voluntary project. Everybody in Park Istra, including project coordinators, work as volunteers.

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