The objectives of Solidarity in Primorska II. project are to contribute to sustainable development of the degraded hinterland of Southern Primorska region, to activate young people, especially those with fewer opportunities and to inspire them for charity and active citizenship.

The project focuses on the socially degraded borderlands of South Primorska. Residents who remain in the region face a range of problems typical of many border areas in Slovenia and the European Union – lack of jobs, poor age structure, poor educational structure and lack of economic power. This makes it difficult to activate endogenous development potentials and create jobs within the countryside. Park Istra has set up a volunteer center in the hinterland of Slovenian Istria to help people who persist here and to support sustainable initiatives in the region. In recent years, Park Istra has established a network of active organizations and individuals who are the engines of activities in Slovenian Istria and a source of quality information on the needs and opportunities for volunteering with the greatest social impact.

The Solidarity in Primorska II. project will bring 26 young volunteers to South Primorska region. They will carry out at least 160 diverse volunteer campaigns aimed at helping the local population. This will enable young people with fewer opportunities from all over EU to help people with fewer opportunities in our region. The countryside of the South Primorska region is very rich in terms of natural and cultural heritage and has great potential, but it requires knowledge and youthful, determined energy that will lead it on the path of (sustainable) development.

PROJECT DURATION: 1.1.2021 to 31.12.2021

PARTICIPANTS:  26 volunteers from different European countries

PARTNERS: Trajnostni park Istra Slovenia – leading partner, SVI France, SVI Belgium, Check IN Portugal

THE PROJECT IS SUPPORTED BY: Erasmus+, European solidarity corps

REFERENCE NUMBER: 2020-3-SI02-ESC11-015836