Frogs and other things

In the past weeks we have been quite busy in Park Istra, since we’ve been helping several different projects at the same time. Our volunteers have been making a stone path and wooden signs in Debeli Rtič, organizing French workshops and reading fairy tales for the kids in Red Cross resort, socialising with people with disabilities and building a fence in Sonček organization… and picking frogs!

Since we have with us a group of great French volunteers at the moment, they started making French workshops for the kids that come to Debeli Rtič. The kids are between 6 and 15 years old and have been very enthusiastic about participating in our workshops. Beside French lessons, reading fairy tales to the younger ones has also been an activity organized by Park Istra, as well as lecture about a trip to India and Indonesia, by Petra and Janez. With these workshops we would like to offer the kids activities that would positively impact their lives and also teach them something they wouldn’t probably learn otherwise.

20170221_205450 DSCF0017

Picture: Workshops for kids in Debeli Rtič.

Now, to improve the outside area, the volunteers are making a path with rocks to give access to one of the buildings in the Red cross resort. We are also making nice wooden signs for spice gardens to let the kids and other visitors know which plants grow there.

20170221_113727 17036217_1354260397970621_144397901_o

Picture: Making a stone path and garden signs in Debeli Rtič.

Outside of Debeli Rtič area, we are glad to have the opportunity to help Sonček. Sonček is an organization located in Koper that supports and works with handicapped, is aware of their needs and also supports their families. Almost every day, the people with different dissabilities go to Sonček’s occupational centre to work, create and have a good time. This helps them to develop new skills and feel more useful and part of our society. Our volunteers have been joining them for the past few months.

Since this became a routine, Sonček also asked us to help in their center in Elerji. There they developed a center for therapy of handicapped with very nice outside place, horses and other animals. We helped them with moving heavy materials and building a fence. In the future we will also help them with planting lavender and taking care of their horses. Our volunteers can’t wait to start!


Picture: Repairing a fence in Sonček facility in Elerji.

Another activity that started very recently was to help an organized group of volunteers to pick up frogs. In the spring the frogs are coming to a lake near Koper, to put their eggs in the lake. To reach the lake they need to cross a busy road and this puts them in danger, especially because they do it at night and the drivers are not able to see them. A few nights ago the frog migration started and will continue for a few weeks. We will be there to help.

20170224_184945 20170224_193121

Picture: Moving frogs over a road near Koper.

We are glad to have the opportunity to contribute to so many great projects!

Beatriz Lourenço – EVS volunteer from Portugal