Kids’ day in Park Istra

In the morning on 6th of October, Park Istra received a group of 60 children from a school in Koper. As a main goal, we wanted the kids to have a different day, close to the nature, to feel and fully enjoy it while having fun.

So, we started our morning with a quick speech to explain why and how we run our project here in Park Istra. With a rotative system, we divided the kids in three different groups: The homemade Soap Workshop, the Discovering Plants Workshop and the Fire Workshop.

At the Soap Workshop, we were teaching the kids how to make natural homemade soap with oils, water and lye. They had the opportunity to watch and to participate, taking home a box of it in the end. In the second part of the workshop, they were free to pick up horse chestnuts from our garden. Did you know that from 8 horse chestnuts, cut on quarters and soaked overnight, you can get washing liquid for full load of laundry? When you shake it you get a really foamy liquid.


At the Discovering Plants Workshop, we wanted the kids to have a free experience exploring the garden. After a small introduction, they were free to walk all around the garden and pick up mostly wild plants and flowers to make a gift for each other. After this activity, we invited them for a small meditation. They were lying in the grass, learning how to listen to the nature and sharing what they felt during those minutes.


At the Fire workshop, we wanted the kids to learn how to make fire in a safe and conscious way and have fun at the same time. They had a lot of fun baking bread on the sticks, playing music with one of the teachers and learning how to make traditional instruments called “nunolca”.

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By the end of the morning, everyone got together for a group photo. When teachers asked the kids if they would like to come back someday, all at once they shouted “yes”. Later some told teachers that this experience was one of the best since they’ve been going to school. The lively energy and good mood made this a beautiful experience also for us who participated in the workshop.


A special thanks to the group that visited us and to all the volunteers that made it possible to happen.

Beatriz Lourenço, EVS Volunteer Portugal