Park Istra is the winner of National Energy Globe Award Slovenia 2017!

Park Istra won one of the most prestigious environmental awards, National Energy Globe Award Slovenia 2017. Congratulations to all the volunteers and our supporters. Without you this project wouldn’t be happening!

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The jury that chooses best national environmental projects decided to give the award to the volunteers of Park Istra. Here is their explanation. Bravo volunteers!

Park Istra was established in 2013. The goal of the project is to help local communities in deprivileged border areas of Istria. The project has hosted more than 600 volunteers from all around the globe. They’ve donated more than 55.000 hours of voluntary work.

We asked some people who know Park Istra’s work, what the project means to them:

Irena Sirotič Dobrila, president of Koper regional Red Cross organization: “First time we’ve heard of Park Istra was, when volunteers donated to us about 300 kg of tomatoes and 150 kg of persimmons. They asked Istrian farmers if they can pick the fruits and vegetables that would otherwise be left to rot on the trees and fields. Then they donated them to us. Since then we’ve established a warm cooperation. Park Istra helps our organization with several activities, especially with social programmes. Despite helping to numerous projects, they always find time for us. We are truly grateful…”

President of local association Figaruola, Peter Babič: “Last year we hosted about 80 volunteers from Park Istra for a month. They managed to revive our village. They cleaned the overgrown parts of our village, helped with our fig grove, painted the window frames and doors of our church…We became friends and we are delighted that we will be able to host them again this year.”

Jana, eco-farmer from Istria: “Voluntary help is priceless for istrian farmers, especially at times of planting and harvesting when there is a lot of work. I am grateful for willingness of Park Istra to help us whenever we need it the most.”

Petra Matos, president of Park Istra association: »Janez and I were volunteering on several projects around the world. These experiences changed our lives. The gift we were given is being passed on. One of the most beautiful things about this project is when volunteers tell us that Park Istra improved their lives. We believe that with this project we can contribute the most towards the better world.

National Energy Globe Award is a nice recognition for the project that wishes to spread solidarity, cooperation and active citizenship. If you have a good idea or need help, Park Istra will be delighted to help! :)