Welcoming the Autumn

It is getting colder in Hrvoji. Autumn is the time when we look back and enjoy the fruits of our past work. And in Hrvoji we have a lot of fruits indeed!


People that had lived in Hrvoji village had mostly left decades ago, but their orchards and vineyards are still here, with nobody to enjoy the gifts of nature. So when we really couldn’t gorge ourselves on fresh ripe fruits anymore, we started to make jams.

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In the last months there was still some construction work to do on our house. Besides we helped the locals a lot. We were picking grapes at Plahuta eco wineyard and farm, building dry walls in Koštabona, making paths and trimming olive trees at Gramona eco farm, cleaning the Adriatis coast, cleaning overgrown terraces with young eco farmer in Abitanti and much more. We also helped to create a network of local organizations that will take care for sustainable development in our Istra region.

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Afternoons were filled with sooo many interesting workshops and activities. We made cheese, watched stars, made dreamcatchers, swaped clothes, weaved baskets, had massage courses, learned guitar, bushcraft, footbal, rock climbing, had philosophical discussions, visited concerts, discussed movies, went to the coast, did walking and cycling trips, played board games…

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Thank you everyone for the most wonderful summer! It will be hard for autumn to beat that, but let’s see :)