I will carry with me few of the best times of my life from this place…The honesty, the humour, the respect, the capacity of love, the open-minding, the motivation, listening are the treasure of the atmosphere in Park Istra. Those nights around the fire singing and talking have warmed my heart forever. I can believe in human kind now.
Longue vie a Park Istra,
Lyly the Quebecoise who will bring you in her heart forever


Dear Park Istra,
you have opened new doors to me and I’m forever grateful for everything…I’ll miss eating breakfast, lunch and dinner with everyone. I’ll miss random workshop nights where we make bracelets, falafels and mozarella cheese. I’ll miss the morning circles in which we share our thoughts and feelings. I’ll miss working with the local community and try talking to them despite of our language barriers…
Thank you for being yourself and for sharing your stories, goal and passions. You are all very inspirational and I can’t wait to continue this journey at home in which I will try to go back to the basics and live a simple, efficient life.
Thank you! It’s not a good bye, just a see you later. I was meant to be here and I know I’m meant to come back.
Yaris, San Francisco, USA


Dear Park Istra members,
I will begin first by thanking Petra + Janez for the amazing time I have spent here. Words can not describe my experience here. Not only have I learnt so much but I have gained so many life changing skills that I will take home with me. Park Istra has taught me the real beauty of life and the humility and kindness of humanity. Everybody has been so kind + welcoming and it has been so powerful to learn about each individual’s journey. I have gained so much that I can not write, but I am not leaving here the same person I arrived, I am much better and my mindset has completely changed. Thank you everyone that has contributed to this transition, I am forever in your debt,
Drew, London


Dear members of Park Istra,
…I believe that Park Istra is conquering every heart in a different way. In my case, I love being surrounded with good hearted people and share my moments with them. That makes even the most boring task or job wonderful. And somehow I believe that the “magic” of Park Istra comes from the good hearted people in there. So thank you all, for sharing your time with me and for making those 10 days the most special days in my life.
With all my heart,
Xabier Garmendia, Spain


Lovely people,
thank you for sharing love and happiness. Your will for (true) sustainability is really inspiring – I am sad for leaving, but I am leaving recharged. Keep sharing!
Lots of love,
Luiza, Brazil


Dear friends of Park Istra,
I am so grateful of the experience I have had here in these 2,5 months. This place and the people I’ve met taught me a lot. Practical skills I will definitely use more in life. And now I am able to use the big destruction machine! But also a new way of living, friendships, and I have learned to enjoy life more intensely. These are things I will never forget and one of the most precious gifts one could receive. I am really grateful of all the energy that you gave to make this time here unforgettable!
Thank you so much! You are great! :)
Lots of love,
Heelen, the Netherlands
P.S.: I wish you all the best for the future! And I definitelly wish to come back here to see you again and so see all the developments this amazing project has made…!


It was amazing one month in the Istra Park. I happy that I been in this friendly environment where everybody want to help. I feeled here like in family, where every people is a part of this family. Thank you for invitation to Istra Park and sorry for my terrible English.
Nestor, Ukraine


You guys,
this is a really magical place + I have had some truly unique experiences here. Thank you for sharing your home + hearts + smiles, for the chance to learn + contribute.
Until next time,
Katie, USA


You. All amazing pieces of Istra Park, dears,
Since the beginning, the first steps up to Hrvoji, I’ve been sure that is a right place for me. Shelter, wonderland, asylum from all thing I wanted to leave behind. But I didn’t realize my first impression will be just an introduction to something deeper. Apart from breathtaking landscape, nature and quiet I found here values that I am sure that are on the verge of extinction. To be honest, you reinstated me a faith to my plan for life, among you I stopped to wonder if my way is the “proper one”. I am so thankful for whole thing I could witness here: warmth, interest, common meals, common work and sharing simple whiles. I appreciate every question about my project, my plans, every small talk or bigger conversation. Thank God such place like Hrvoji exists. A bubble of people, care, feelings, love, fundamental values. It’s so hard to find such compilation in present time. I feel safe, embraced and surrounded by people with vision, dreams, open-minded and ready to share their extraordinary unique story with others. That what you may treat as normal, for me is priceless. I am leaving this place with pain but also with force and faith that there are no compromises and I really have to follow my dreams. Trivial. But true.
I’d like to hug each of you. Thank you. See you.
Karolina, Poland


Park Istra – You Beauty! It has been an absolutely wonderful stay with you all. There really is something special about this place! Staying here has been a form of therapy. The people have been so beautiful, chestnuts and music around the fire the most magical times. My love will stay with you as I continue forward! I hope to visit again and venture around the jungle-like garden once more.
Lots of lots of love, kia kaha,
Natasha from New Zealand


Somewhere I read that adventure starts outside you comfort zone. Actually, I think life starts outside your comfort zone. It’s good to face another way of life, to shake our dusty day-to-day routine. I Istra I feel so alive, so anchored with the nature. Beautiful Park Istra and its inhabitants, volunteers and permanents, thank you from my heart. I think I will come back one day and I am sure the project will be running very well, improving always.
All the best to the part, current and coming Istra people.


I feel sad to leave. I feel as if I’ve been staying with you for an eternity and it’s been only a couple of weeks. But they’ve been beautiful, fulfilling, happy, notwithstanding the rain and horseflies.
I really wish you all the best for your personal life and for the project, and hope that many other people will be able to come and enjoy this place and all of you people.
Silvia from the south of Italy


What to write what has not been said or written yet?! Maybe about the wonderful people living here? About the cosy place, the incredible nature, the inspiring surroundings? You all – you DID find your spot – a real diamond. And you DO LIVE your dreams – and not vice versa! You may have all the helping hands from all over the world, the power and good mood to continue what once started with a dream…


Before coming here I dreamt a society where the most important roles were being friendly with others and working together to create a better world, respecting nature and people.
I saw a bad world, full of cruelty, where everybody’s desire was coming richer and where people couldn’t see the real future of life.
I had friends thinking in my way, but the most part of the society was different and discriminated people like we, who don’t like artificials and can be happy with little things like a piece of wood or friend’s smile.
I felt I had to do something, wake people up and say:”Hey! You are wrong, you’re losing the best!” I thought that I had to create my own world in harmony with nature, of that I’m part.
When I came here I understood that I wasn’t alone, that someone else had my feelings and not all humanity thinks in a different way. I saw the world that I had created in my dreams.
I am so glad that you are reality and I am grateful for the opportunity I have had to know this little but fundamental part of the world. I am sad I now have to come back but at the same time I’m full and in peace with myself.
This experience has made me better and I feel I’ve learned much more than years and years of school.
Here every day was really a surprise, a marvellous baggage od experiences.
Thank you fot everything I received from you, for the smiles and the things you taught me.
I will really miss you,
Christiana from Italy, 9. september 2014


Dear Sustainability Park Istra,
thank you for everything!! I was only here a few days – not nearly enough – but I loved every minute of it. While many communities have a strong vision or productive group of participants, you have achieved a rare feat – bringing both together into one harmonious group. I am so inspired by each and every person here, and can’t thank you enough for allowing me to share this experience with you, even for a short time!
Robyn Levin, June 2014
Denver, CO, USA


Thank you for all those 5 days!
I will never forget them …
Wish you all the best!
Katja from Estonia
P.s.: I’ll return here one day!


Volunteering in Slovenia this August was supposed to be a healthy training before I start traveling for real. It turned into one of the deepest and most sincere experiences of collective life I’ve had. I’m grateful for this peace I tasted in Hrvoji.
Go there because of the project, hard work or not (depending of daily priorities), the waterfalls, the Adriatic, the climbing sites and the fig trees, and you’ll discover great and true people. Hrvoji is a small kingdom of peace where I might come back one day… hvala! Olivier, France


Ugotavljamo, da je med poznavanjem, razumevanjem in ravnanjem velik razkorak. Nedvomno, z določenimi razlikami med študijskimi programi, posredovanje znanja o TSR in za TSR napredujeta in slednjemu je namenjen tudi študijski program Upravljanja trajnostnega razvoja, ki se izvaja šele drugo leto in še nima rezultatov v smislu zaposlenih diplomantov. Žal pa ostaja nedosežen cilj trajnostnega izobraževanja, h kateremu bi morali, po mojem mnenju, kot univerza težiti. In prav tu je velika priložnost z ustanovitvijo Trajnostnega parka Istra, kjer bi študenti pridobili tudi praktične izkušnje, bodisi z opazovanjem bodisi z aktivnim vključevanjem v delo. Sestavni del večine študijskih programov na članicah Univerze na Primorskem je študijska praksa, raziskovalno in terensko raziskovalno delo, kar bi lahko izvajali (v obojestransko korist) skupaj s Trajnostnim parkom. Študijski programi upravljanja trajnostnega razvoja z moduloma upravljanje prostorskih in kulturnih virov ter upravljanje naravnih virov, geografije z usmeritvami v ekološko, prostorsko-planersko in geografijo podeželja, naravoslovni študiji z biodiverziteto, varstvom okolja, sredozemskim kmetijstvom, turizem s trajnostnim turizmom in drugi, bi dobili »učilnico v naravi« in to v svojem domačem okolju.

Dr. Valentina Brečko Grubar, Univerza na Primorskem