Vtisi obiskovalcev

Privilegij je gostiti toliko izjemnih ljudi. Fantje in punce, tudi zaradi vas je ta projekt tako lep!

Nekaj vtisov naših obiskovalcev (v angleščini):

Dear Sustainability Park Istra,
thank you for everything!! I was only here a few days – not nearly enough – but I loved every minute of it. While many communities have a strong vision or productive group of participants, you have achieved a rare feat – bringing both together into one harmonious group. I am so inspired by each and every person here, and can’t thank you enough for allowing me to share this experience with you, even for a short time!
Robyn Levin, June 2014
Denver, CO, USA

On my way to India, on this trip that I’m doing, Sustainability Park Istra has been the first community that I’ve visited. In India I want to go to Auroville and in between I’d like to visit as many as I can. It is also my dream to live in a community in the future after the trip. I am looking for inspiration and that’s wtat I’ve found in your place. There have been four amazing days, full of joy, sharing, and love. I’ve worked hard and it felt like a blessing, it is so good and fulfilling to be helpful. We ate all together good food and I felt really well treated. We went for amazing hike beside a beautiful and wild river and I felt mesmerized by the incredible beauty of all, I was like a child discovering the inner secrets of mother nature. And best of all, in all the moments I felt at home. I felt a part of a wonderful family. My heart is full of thanks, grateful for all I carry in my heart from this place and all of you around the world. And one day I’ll be back.
Rafael, Spain


 Thank you for all those 5 days!
I will never forget them …
Wish you all the best!
Katja from Estonia
P.s.: I’ll return here one day!


I already went to peaceful places before, but it never made me feel more peaceful than I was, before I came to Hrvoji. I’m more peaceful now. Waterfalls, climbing, Adriatic Sea, fig picking, roof work … I enjoyed every single thing with this climate of peace and sincerity on the background. H v a l a !
I may come back one day. Who knows.
Olivier (from France), 21. 8. 14
P.s.: I would like to tell many other things but I’m sad because it’s time to go and I wouldn’t find the right words. I just feel peaceful and opened to sincerity. No lyrical lies from a dreamer’s mind, just the effort of putting words on what is opening (like a flower) in my mind since I arrived here. No mystical crisis. In simple words, I felt good here. It is as if nothing could disturb my intern balance here.