Financial report of Sustainability park Istra for 2014

One of the core values of Sustainability park Istra is transparency, so we are glad to present our financial report for the period since our beginnings till the end of January 2015.

Our expenses in that period were 109.046 €. We used them for:


We are proud to announce that we spent 97 % of all revenue for the project activities. Running costs represented 3 % and salaries just 0,3 % of our revenue. This makes us one of the most efficiently run projects in Slovenia. The fact, that we were all volunteers, contributed to that. In 2014 around 350 volunteers actively participated in Sustainability park Istra, it is estimated that together we donated around 25.000 volunteer hours.

The structure of our revenue was:

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The sum of revenue in Sustainability park Istra was 116.576 € and was 7530 € higher than expenses.

The biggest part of revenue came from cooperative shares which were bought by members of our cooperative.

Activities, though we were facing really basic infrastructural conditions in 2014, already brought to the project 6834 eur of income.

11 % of revenue represents a fund that helps aspiring members join our cooperative.

Last year Sustainability park Istra also received 18.185 € of financial donations plus material donations in estimated value of 70.000 €.

We are deelpy thankful to all of you who contributed towards successful birth of Sustainability park Istra! We will continue to strive to make your goodness grow and multiply in all our activities! Thank you!