Summer heat

Last month in Sustainability Park Istra was really hot with temperatures reaching above 30 degrees every day, but we are lucky to have nearby natural pool and the sea, where we can cool down a little. Park Istra is absolutely packed with volunteers this summer. We get up to 10 new volunteer requests every day. Having a lot of people here means, that there is something interesting happening every day. Here are some photos from the last month.

20150701_101905 20150701_101527 20150701_101408Celebrating Canada Day with colors, maple leaves and Margaux. We’ve even learned Canada’s anthem.


20150613_104443_Richtone(HDR) 20150619_120249Paddying the stones inside our house.


“Our” nearby pool, Veli Vir.


20150625_120556 20150625_120550
First cleaning action around our future educational center in Hrvoji.


Amazing ethno concert in nearby village of Labor.


20150712_121607 20150709_13191420150712_122533 20150708_090053
Bathroom construction.

Warm greetings from Istra! :)